My Official Commercial Demo

My Official Commercial DemoFrancisco Marquez
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Honda Civic Sport CommercialFrancisco Marquez
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Under Armour CommercialFrancisco Marquez
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Corona CommercialFrancisco Marquez
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Honda (Spanish)Francisco Marquez
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Honda Commercial Francisco Marquez
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Sprint CommercialFrancisco Marquez
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PayPal Credit Card Francisco Marquez
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Video Game DemoFrancisco Marquez
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Animated CharactersFrancisco Marquez
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NarrationFrancisco Marquez
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Commercial Demo - Francisco Marquez
Spanish Honda Commercial Voice Over
Toyota Commercial American Voice Over
GMC Trucks Commercial American English Voice Over



"Francisco did a great job for me.
He has a highly professional and talented voice,
and I'd recommend him without any reservations."
                                           - Charles Adeimantus, Author


" You're the man, Thank You!...

Thanks for your quick turn around time! We really  appreciate it." 

                              - Tanner L., Creative Production Manager

                                    " Excellent job... this guy is a keeper!!!"

                                                                       - Dick Reynolds

" Francisco - this is Jake F. - working with Ethan.

Just jumping in to say you ROCK

and we seriously appreciate all of your great work and hustle!! "

                                                    - Jake F., Commercial Producer


"Thank You, Francisco! This sounds great ...
It is a pleasure working with you"

                                            - Ann C. Producer

Past Clients


Francisco is a Massachusetts based actor & voice talent

with near a decade of experience. 

He's worked on film, performed in various theatre productions,

and now produces voice overs in both English & Spanish

from his studio for various clients.

His most recent credits include working on the new

Rian Johnson film "Knives Out" set to release in 2019,

and voice overs for Honda, GMC, and Toyota

on radio, Pandora, and television commercials.


Recently, He's been cast on the film " Free Guy "

starring Ryan Reynolds.