About Me

Francisco is a Massachusetts based actor & voice talent with near a decade of experience. 

He's worked on film, performed in various theatre productions, and now produces voice overs in both English & Spanish from his studio for various clients.

His most recent credits include working on the new Rian Johnson film "Knives Out" set to release in 2019, and voice overs for Honda, GMC, and Toyota on radio, Pandora, and television commercials. Recently, He's been cast on the film " Free Guy", starring Ryan Reynolds. 

Fun Facts:

Francisco once performed six different characters (Male & Female) in one theatre production, changing voices, accents, and wardrobes.

Francisco was a regional teen bodybuilding champion at the age of 19.

Francisco was a martial artist from the age of five to about sixteen, attaining his 3rd degree within a decade.

In 2018, Francisco traveled through Japan exploring cities such as Tokyo, Hiroshima, Hakone, and Kyoto. He even partook in a meditation at an ancient temple where he volunteered to accept the "offering" from the Master... four lashings with a bamboo stick! ( Ouch )

Francisco can voice most of his favorite childhood heroes from animation and video games.